Norman C Wheeler & Associates
Quality Appraisals For Over 50 Years

The appraisal functions of the company are directed by N. Clark Wheeler, who has 40 years of direct appraisal experience in the region. Mr. Paraic Neibergs, who operates the Missoula office, is a designated Accredited Rural Appraiser (ARA) as well, and has over 30 years of valuation experience within the Intermountain West. Mr. Neibergs has a Masters Degree in Agricultural Economics. Paraic previously worked for Farm Credit Services and has been with Norman C. Wheeler & Associates since 2000. Michael McDonnell has nearly 20 years of appraisal experience and a master's degree in animal science. The firm has provided market value appraisals for various personal, corporate, and governmental clients on properties varying in size, composition and use. In particular, they have extensive specialized training and experience related to conservation easement valuation throughout the West. In late 2006, the IRS issued interim rules relative to the appraisal of conservation easements regarding appraiser qualifications and specialized training. Mr. Wheeler is one of the most highly qualified individuals in the United States relative to the valuation of conservation easements. He has completed all of the primary educational offerings related to conservation easements, including the current Federal Yellow Book class, and has taught various courses throughout the United States related to conservation easements over the past ten years. He has also been qualified as a real estate expert, with particular expertise related to conservation easements. Mr. Wheeler has testified as an expert witness in two federal tax court cases involving conservation easements and in both instances, his clients prevailed over the IRS. Mr. Neibergs also has an extensive background in the specialized field of conservation easement appraisals and has been a guest speaker for conservation easement seminars in western Montana, including the LTA Northwest Land Trust Conference in 2007 and the Washington State ASFMRA 2001 Chapter Meeting.

Norman C. Wheeler & Associates provides brokerage services related to real properties in Montana and throughout the West. Over the past ten years, the firm has been active in the listing and sale of over $90 million in ranch properties. On specific occasions, the firm does list and advertise properties for specific clients. However, in most instances, the firm acts as a locator for clients who are seeking specific properties in the West. The firm has located ranches for clients in Montana, Wyoming, and Colorado.Based on the firm's extensive databases and insight into the market, clients often depend on Norman C. Wheeler & Associates for assistance in pricing and locating properties. The firm's longstanding knowledge of the overall market and reputation within the market help identify properties that may be available for purchase but are not actively listed by other brokers and have not been exposed to the market. This allows purchasing opportunities that are advantageous to buyers seeking ranch and recreational properties.In these types of situations, the firm can operate under two different types of arrangements. The firm can either operate as a locator for property on a fee basis or can act as a broker representing the buyer within the real estate transaction. In these transactions, the firm, due to its expertise and mapping capabilities, is able to provide a substantial amount of due diligence information and assistance in the overall buying process. The firm has successfully represented international buyers from France, Israel, Switzerland and Hong Kong in the purchases of properties in Montana.

In the dynamic environment of the rural real estate market as it currently exists throughout the inter-mountain area, more and more buyers and market participants are seeking detailed market data and information related to properties and value trends. Norman C. Wheeler & Associates acts in a consulting role to various clients, which include planning values for various land trusts, as well as helping buyers through due diligence issues related to property values and other trends. The firm has the ability to quickly analyze and provide detailed maps and other information relative to a specific area, which is often sought-out by buyers during their due diligence period, in order to give them additional assurances relative to values and information which has been provided to them through the real estate process.

Norman C. Wheeler and Associates has a full time GIS mapping specialist and the firm has developed advanced mapping and value products to serve the changing and diverse needs of owners, buyers, sellers and other real estate professionals. The firm maintains a 50-year old regional database of confirmed sales and additional market data and has in-house color mapping and large format plotting equipment. This sale and subject property data is maintained in a "state of the art" interactive geo-data base that can be used to visualize and analyze parcel data as well as to compare and contrast sale characteristics utilizing various overlays of data layers. We can also provide spatial and 3-D analyzation including aspect, slope and viewshed of any parcel. Water rights can be mapped with respect to point of diversion and place of use as well as other physical aspects of a property such as easements, roads, fences, buildings, timber and water resources.